Free Under $100 Advertising

This no cost advertising allows you to turn unwanted items for sale valued at under $100 to cash. Your advertisement will be published in Tuesdays’ edition of the Whakatane Beacon and Opotiki News, subject to space availability.


Advertising is for private party only, and for single insertion. You may advertise as many items as you like, under a separate advertisement for each item. Under $100 advertisements will only be published in Tuesday editions of the Beacon and Opotiki News. Deadline midnight Sunday for Tuesday publication. Advertising can only be placed via the online system, no telephone placements will be taken. All other advertising terms and conditions are as the standard Beacon policies.

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  • Private party advertisements only

  • NOTE: In ad title, please only put the first word of what you are selling (ie: Piano), please do not put 'free ads' or 'under $100 advertising' etc., please do not write in capitals... Thank you. PLEASE NOTE: Due to Labour Weekend, any ads placed after midnight Thursday, October 24, will appear in the November 5th edition of the Beacon. Thank you.
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