EMERGENCY services were called to a crash on King Street in Whakatane this morning after a vehicle failed to give way at an intersection.

The crash at the intersection of King Street and Alexander Avenue happened at 7.50am and emergency services worked rapidly to clear the scene during peak morning traffic.

The collision was between a ute and an SUV, with minor injuries suffered.

Police said the crash occurred when one vehicle failed to give way at the intersection.

Fire and Emergency attended the scene, assisting with traffic management and the clean-up of crash debris that was scattered down King Street towards Allandale School.

Police told the Beacon they struggled with the public not giving way to patrol cars heading to the crash site.

“Be aware of your surroundings when you’re driving,” Senior Sergeant Al Fenwick said.

“It’s frustrating when we’re trying to get to somewhere urgently, police have lights and sirens on behind you, pull over, it’s an offence not too.”