Excitement levels in the Eastern Bay sporting community are building and rightly so.

Most winter sports organisations should be able to get teams and individuals back competing in the next month.

Following on from golfers, surfers, croquet players, rowers, kayakers and lawn bowlers who have all been allowed to return in level three, albeit in their bubbles, many team and individual sports should be able to begin in level two.

Despite some strict rules being in place for netball, rugby, hockey, football, basketball and other team sports, clubs should be able to have sides donning their uniforms in the next month or so, once they figure out the best way to do so.

Golf clubs should be able to open their pro shops and serve food and beverages but their clubhouse may remain off limits for the time being as the government wants no more than 10 people per gathering for the time being, the same with most other sports clubs.

Gyms and swimming pools will also be able to re-open meaning people can return to lifting weights and swimmers can re-enter the pool.

Strict restrictions around gatherings and with specific health specifications in place, teams should be able to represent their clubs before long.

A maximum of 100 spectators will be allowed to watch the sports on a Saturday and just how clubs monitor that will be interesting.

Plenty of health requirements will need to be displayed like hand sanitiser, plenty of signage and potentially sign-in and sign-out sheets, to monitor who was at the ground – something that may be tricky for football and rugby clubs to police unless they have someone to monitor it.

Food and drink will be able to be purchased at the clubs, helping to pump a little bit of money back into their coffers.

Hockey and netball are in the best situation of the team sports as they can get the 100 capacity and lock the gates, so other spectators can’t get in and provide plenty of hand sanitiser for fans to use.

For the sake of the other sports, it may mean partners can’t come to watch, or it’s done on a rotational basis.

Sports like cycling, squash, badminton, duathlons and similar should take off without too much of a glitch as they shouldn’t have the 100 people threshold in terms of audience, although the current 10-person limit may force a slight delay as with the harriers club, which plans to reassess trainings on May 25.

Any file picture of sport taking place last year can run with this.