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Talented teenager Bailey Fredericksen tackles the running leg of the Eastern Bay of Plenty Multisport Club’s summer sprint triathlon. He is one to watch for the future and tackles a number of different sports and adventure races each year.

Trident High School’s Bailey Fredericksen is an Eastern Bay athlete worth keeping an eye on.

The year 11 pupil is a talented athlete and has been taking part in many sporting disciplines of late.

He had a number of mountain biking, cycling, triathlon and hockey events lined up for the season but now many of them are up in the air thanks to the coronavirus saga.

Bailey said cross country mountain biking was his passion.

“That’s what I want to do really well in. It involves all-round skill. I just really enjoy it and have a big passion for mountain biking.

“Downhill is loads of fun but it’s not the same. Most people can do downhill okay; you have to be more technical for cross country and you tackle different terrain.”

His passion for mountain biking started when he was young, watching his dad and others ride, but in the last year or so he has added road cycling to the list of sports he’s given a go.

“My friend Hayden Sisson was doing it and then said to me come and have a crack and it’s just gone from there. It actually has been great. It’s helped me keep fit and teaches you different skills for mountain biking.”

Bailey, 15, has plenty of goals lined up in his cross country mountain biking but it all depends on when events start up again.

“I don’t really know what events might go ahead and what won’t. I had plenty lined up but now just have to train hard and see what happens.”

Another sport he has picked up in the last few months is triathlon.

“I just wanted to test myself and tackle a new challenge and I thought triathlon would be a good way to do that.”

He lined up in the Eastern Bay of Plenty Multisport Club’s sprint triathlon before tackling the secondary school’s one back in February, using the likes of Hayden Wilde as motivation to show athletes from the Eastern Bay can succeed.

“I enjoyed it. It was a good challenge and I was pleased with how I did. I enjoy running and biking so it was a good way to test my swimming and I’m pleased with where it is at.

“I joined the swim club to improve it and am looking at giving XTERRA a good nudge next year.”

Bailey plans to tackle the full Motu Challenge later this year.

“Hopefully it’s going ahead because that would be a great challenge and is something I want to do well in.”

TIGHT RACE: Bailey Fredericksen, right, competes in a Whakatane Cycle Club race in Ohope alongside Leon Fuller and Corrinne O’Donnell, front, earlier this season. He says he loves the road cycling challenge.
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He was the intermediate winner at his school’s athletics championships and represented it at the BOP Secondary School champs, posting some impressive times in the middle distance races.

Bailey loves being active and although he has found parts of lockdown boring he’s been able to keep reasonably active.

“I have done a fair bit of biking and plenty of running. Hopefully things ease soon so I can go and do some mountain biking stuff.”

He also hopes he can play some sort of hockey this year for his school as he enjoys the team nature of the sport.