Waiewe Reserve

I WAS amazed and disappointed to read about the Mountain Bike Club’s plans for the public Waiewe Reserve.

This quiet, tranquil reserve has, over many years, been lovingly restored, planted out and cared for by a large group of unpaid volunteers to make it the gem it now is.

It is abundant with birdlife and is treasured by the many people who frequent it, including the elderly, dog walkers, young families, cyclists, joggers, photographers etcetera. Further restoration stages are continuing.

Mountain bike tracks would likely have a huge adverse effect on the reserve should the council agree to them.

Mountain biking is a fast, full on activity and combined with the natural energy and sometimes inconsiderate behaviour of teenagers, would in my view make it an unsuitable activity for this small public access/use reserve.

Obviously, consultation with all parties concerned is necessary, and not just the club and some council staff members.

It is commendable that the club recognise the need for a dedicated local area for their tracks but very disappointing to see them looking at the Waiewe Reserve.

What would seem a much more appropriate option would be for the club to source suitable land on the fringes of town and arrange to lease (yes pay for) an area that it could develop into a dedicated local mountain bike facility which the club and Whakatane could be proud of.

The club would then be in a position to continually develop tracks, have skills and race days and the likes, and not have to worry about affecting others.

Maybe Ngati Awa could become involved as they may have suitable land where mountain bike tracks could possibly become a tourism opportunity.

Regarding the unsociable and destructive behaviour of the group of “Local Teens” during levels four and then three of the Covid lockdown, could the mountain bike club confirm that none of its adult members have been involved with the activities of this group during lockdown.

Mike Ashley

Door sergeant too much

I AM an essential healthcare worker and have continued to deliver service to my patients throughout this whole process of lockdowns and fear.

I have been subjected to the Draconian and arrogant behavior of the door sergeant at one of our local supermarkets, even though I have explained that I have my own PPE.

What a shame as the rest of the staff are lovely people. I will not be using this supermarket again and I am not alone.

Former customer

Buy New Zealand-made

I BELIEVE until New Zealanders have received a compensation payment from China for the 22 Covid-19 victims who have died and the many billions it has cost our country and the people who have lost their businesses and all the people who have lost their jobs, we should all refuse to buy Chinese-made goods.

We will all be paying back the debt it has cost us for many years into the future and many costs are going to rise.

Our government should ban all imports from China and double the price of all exports to China.

Our government should freeze all Chinese government-owned New Zealand assets until a favourable outcome has been agreed and paid for.

Someone needs to pay, and it should not be us. Think what would happen to us if we gave China the Covid-19 virus.

My grandfather told me that he believed “Communist China would take over the world without firing a shot and beware of the yellow peril”.

D Dawson

Stop complaining and help

TO all the yays and nays about cycle tracks and the need for a proper trail, you only have to go over to Ohope and take note of the number of people riding over there – it is threefold what it used to be.

But here comes the “but”. All these people have to ride on the road among the traffic; add them to the young ones who are screaming for an off-road trail in Whakatane, not having to drive to Rotorua/Taupo and the like (more cars on the road).

Get behind the group who are trying very hard to get the council to get a trail here.

I have ridden on five South Island trails and have spent money in all the towns along the way, which puts money back into the communities so in an around way they pay for themselves.

If people don’t want the young ones riding in Waiewe Reserve, stop complaining about it and join the likes of Richard Hamer and help make a good long trail close to town.

Tom Bayliss talked about what was the Melville block, well hello Charlie, that would be perfect – close to town and away from houses.

And just a foot note: Before you give the young ones a lot of negative complaints, who got off their butts and got out in the fresh air and had some good clean fun? Are you the same adults who moan about kids stuck inside looking at screens?


Many thanks

I WOULD like to send out a big thank you to the thoughtful and caring people of Taneatua who ensured that the older members of their community were well looked after during lockdown.

During this time, I gratefully received a box of groceries, baking and the Beacon newspaper – all delivered to the door.

We couldn’t have been better looked after anywhere else.
Many thanks to all those hard-working volunteers who made this happen.