ART ON A BUDGET: Trident art teacher Glenn Barr shows how students can continue their work – even without access to paints and paintbrushes. His painting is done with food colouring and make-up brushes. Photos supplied

SOME mums might not have been thrilled to have their baking cupboards and make-up bags raided during the lockdown – but it has been for emergency purposes only.

A Trident High School teacher has had to be even more creative than usual – coming up with a cheap and easy solution for students who did not have access to raw materials to do their art during lockdown.

Head of art Glenn Barr said quite a few of his students had been unable to access materials during the isolation period, so his solution – food colouring and make-up brushes, and cheap photocopy paper – all available at supermarkets.

CAFFEINE FIX: Glenn Barr’s portrait with, wait for it … coffee.

“We wanted to provide alternatives – and food colouring was readily available at local supermarkets, as well as make-up brushes, as an alternative to paint brushes,” he said.

“The cool thing is they work really well, once you get used to the opaque and transparency issues … (Students are able to complete the “wet media” component of their course by using this medium.

“Some are very successful and will continue using food colouring on their return to school.”

Mr Barr said his painting showed how all five colours that are available in food colouring can be used in a painting.

He said it was quite colourful but gives an idea of the “marks and stains” that can be achieved.

“Coffee is another really cool medium.”