BEARY NICE DAY: Yesterday with the sun shining, Maverick went out for a spot of fishing. Photo Troy Baker D9784-01

TTEDDY Bear Hunt mania has taken off in Whakatane, with hardly a street in town not without teddies in windows, perched on post boxes or having a picnic on the lawn.

The Hansen family home in James Street is drawing lots of attention, and laughs. Maverick, their giant teddy, has been very busy during lockdown keeping passers-by amused.

On the first day of lockdown, Maverick was surveying the world from the deck, day two he was fishing, day three he had a picnic. He has since been up a ladder cutting a tree, barbecuing on the Webber, a drizzly bear when he had his rainy-day wet gear on, while yesterday he was kayaking.

“We started it on the first day of lockdown and we are going to continue it for the whole four weeks of lockdown of it doing something different,” said Mrs Hansen.

She said the family decided to join the teddy bear hunt when they saw it taking off on Facebook.

“Unfortunately, our bear was too big to sit in the window.”

She said all the credit had to go to her husband for the bear’s daily activities.

Mrs Hansen assures teddy bear hunt fans her husband, Lance, has plenty of ideas in store for the rest of the lockdown.

“Lots of people, the elderly walk around here and children so it is something that they can see, brighten up the day, and we have had lots of comments and you can hear them laughing.”