Crime decreases for Eastern Bay


THERE continues to be a reduction in crime while the region is in lockdown.

Senior Sergeant Al Fenwick said Eastern Bay police had seen a significant decrease in car crime, theft and burglary.

“The public has been really good; people are generally behaving themselves,” Mr Fenwick said.

“The public is really understanding and on the whole really well behaved.”

However, there are still people making unnecessary journeys away from their home and bubble, according to Mr Fenwick.

“There are still people making unnecessary trips and they are asked to go home.

“After dark, if you are out driving at night, expect to be stopped by us. There’s no reason you should be out at night.”

“As Jacinda said, ‘Go home and be kind to one-another’.”

Mr Fenwick said police were relying on members of the public to take responsibility for their actions and stick to the guidelines.

“We are relying on those in self-isolation, and now with a confirmed case, to do the right thing.”

Eastern Bay police are still confident and have all the required personal protective equipment they need to safely operate.

Mr Fenwick estimates around 20 extra staff have been redeployed to the street to assist with patrols, ranging from criminal investigation branch staff to youth aid officers and others.

“Staff are still upbeat, and we have extra staff on the frontline,” he said.

“Everybody has stepped up to the plate and is doing their part during this time.”