Corner dairy the cornerstone of community

COMMUNITY SPIRIT: Edgecumbe Suppa Market shop manager Shamsher Singh with Edgecumbe resident Korbyn. Photo supplied

For many people, living day to day means going without the essentials every family needs, however, staff at the Edgecumbe Suppa Market are committed to helping their community get through.

Owner Amandeep Singh said he wanted to help people in his community during the pandemic prompting him to offer free bread and milk to the elderly and the regions most vulnerable.

On Monday,  the store had its first unpaid customer and Mr Singh said more people had come in to the shop since to get a free bread or milk, or both.

Mr Singh said his family moved to Edgecumbe eight years ago from India and settled in the rural community.

“My family and I love our community and New Zealand. We really want to show our support and appreciation to our community, too.  It’s why we came from India because you can’t live in a better place than New Zealand.

“We know people need help during this time and we want to provide that for people, Mr Singh said.

“My friend and I have partnered and chosen to give from our own pockets.  We don’t get any support. It’s our gift to the community,” he said.

Edgecumbe Suppa Market operate daily from 8 to 4 and has a one in, one out policy.

“Thank you for your kindness and cooperation. Stay safe,” Mr Singh said.