SESSIONS: Lisy Adlam and Peanut Murray of The Huneybee Wild. Photos supplied

AS the Covid-19 pandemic continues its swift course around the world, drastic measures have been put in place to mitigate its spread among communities.

Even before Wednesday’s national lockdown took effect, cafes, restaurants, bars and many other businesses closed their doors.

This, of course, halts patrons from congregating and workers from doing their jobs, but it also puts an end to something else we’ve come to enjoy – live band performances.

One local band, The Huneybee Wild, hopes to reach people with their music, even during our time of social distancing, by live streaming their band sessions on Facebook.

The Huneybee Wild is the name of musical duo Lisy Adlam and Peanut Murray. The two have been performing together – as well as with other members who have come and gone – for the better part of 10 years.

“We were all playing in different bands, but we were all close friends and worked at the same restaurant at the time,” Lisy says. “After work we’d go to one of our other friend’s houses and jam in her basement. It just sort of evolved from there.”

Over the years, they have had the opportunity to perform throughout the North Island, from small gigs at restaurants to larger festivals.

“We’ve played at the Coromandel Summer Festival for the last four years,” she says. “We used to play with a lot of the big bands that came through Whakatane, like Tiki Taane and Hollie Smith.”

With Peanut playing percussion and supplying backing vocals, and Lisy on the guitar and bass, the band’s sound has changed over the years, but has always been positively received.

“We’re kind of evolving at the moment into a bit more reggae, folksy, and a bit of rock in there as well,” Lisy says. “Peanut and I are both big fans of The Pixies, so we might play a nice, slow folk song and then chuck a Pixies song in there just for fun.”

Although Lisy has described the band as “a hobby that breaks up the mundane parts of life,” making music and writing songs has become even more important since she lost her job due to Covid-19.

As the situation got progressively worse, she realised they would have to change things up.

“I kind of had the feeling that, you know, looking at the rest of the world and everything being shut down, that we weren’t going to be doing anymore restaurant gigs,” she says.

“We quite often play at Cadera, and last week we played at Mata Brewery, and I thought that that’s not going to happen very much anymore.”

“But I really enjoy the Sunday afternoon sessions, and I thought, well, why not invite people into what it’s like to be in the band room with us?”

The Huneybee Wild will be live streaming on their Facebook page on Sunday, March 29 at 2.30pm. With new restrictions in place, however, they won’t be able to jam in the old band room as they have before. Lisy will perform solo for the first session, with plans for the two to perform together remotely in later sessions.
“We just love playing music together. We enjoy each other’s company. Her, and Kelly, her partner, are my best friends and it’s just always been like that,” she says. “We sort of take the piss out of each other on stage and have some running jokes with each other and try to embarrass each other in front of people.”

Lisy hopes that viewers will enjoy some of that “onstage” banter and magic that happens when long-time musical partners perform together. If all goes well, they will continue to stream sessions on Sunday afternoons for viewers to enjoy.

“I think we’re just going to do it like a band practice, like we normally do. So even all the crap talking in between. So people can tune in to watch and react to it if they want to. Or turn off it’s terrible,” says Lisy.

Whatever the case, finding a way to make music, and share it with others, is an important and fun contribution during this time.

“I’ve never been in this situation before, but I just hope that it works and that it makes a bit of a happy vibe,” she says.