ON THE HOOD: Two young people sit on the hood of a car. Photo supplied

IT was in the corner of the roof space, amongst the dust, insulation and electrical wires, that images from a time long since passed sat in two small boxes with yellow lids.

One marked with a tick, the other “done” with a tick and scrawled on top “first trip Sydney Australia”.

A young couple on the hood of a car, a wedding day with a young bride and groom, moments away with family and friends, all found left behind in villa four of the Mary Shapley home in Kopeopeo.

When a person passes away, Mary Shapley rest home renovates the apartment, and it was only when electrician Antony Mikosch and a co-worker were bringing wire through the roof did they find the slides.

BONDI: “Denise and Mum, Bondi Sydney”, do you recognise Denise or “Mum”? Photo supplied

“We found them in the ceiling of villa four at the Mary Shapley rest home, just in this box. I don’t know if someone has put them onto CD at some point in time, but it’s quite likely that somebody passed on and the family didn’t even know it was there.

“To think they wouldn’t have been seen in years and years, they must mean something to someone,” Antony says.

Looking at these slides gives an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, of a time and life not lived by myself but a time to remember, memories to revere.

SYDNEY: The slide of this image reads “Harry and Gordon, Royal Albert yacht area, Manly Sydney”. Photo supplied

Finding these slides prompted Antony into action, posting on social media in the hope somebody may come forward, a family may be reunited with their memories.

Hundreds of shares and many comments later still nobody had come forward to collect them.

“I just thought a few people would be keen as and might be able to identify them and they’re clear enough that if you knew the people you might recognise who they are.

“I don’t know if they’re from Whakatane or what, even though heaps of people have shared the post and heaps of people have commented, no one’s put their hand up,” Antony says.

WEDDING: A young couple on their wedding day with their parents. Photo supplied

It was the thought of fond moments in a family’s history, lost and lonely that spurred Antony and his co-worker into action prompting his search for their rightful owners.

“If it was me, if this was my grandparents who were in that villa, and they had all these photos that I’d never seen of them before, especially going back so far, I’d like to think other people would be chuffed to see them,” Antony says.

Like a time-capsule, these slides transport you through the intimate lens of an unknown documentarian, mundane to the average on-looker but filled with moments special enough to capture on film.

“These are back in the day when people really thought about what they were taking a photo of, you couldn’t just go back and delete it,” Antony says.

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