NOW that Christmas is over, and we are getting a feel for the new year, our thoughts are often directed to starting new habits and adjusting our lifestyles for the better.

For some people it is simply to counter the holiday season and all the over indulgence that it includes. For others, it is a push to be healthier and happier in general by making life-changing habits rather than fad get-[insert goal here]-quickly schemes.

Sustaining life habits are generally acquired over time, so making small, manageable changes will generally see them stick for longer. These can be as simple as eating a few more veges every day, having an extra glass of water, reducing sugar intake or finding something to keep our body and mind stimulated.

Acupuncture and acupressure are marvellous tools for helping us return to a balanced state of living. For example, if you are having trouble focusing, a great acupressure point to press is on the top of your head.

To find it, draw an imaginary line from the front of your hair line (top of your forehead) to the back of your hairline (near the top of your neck). Find the half way point and move your finger forwards about an inch to the vertex of your head. This can be a wonderful point to help calm the mind and improve mental focus.

Because it impacts on all of our bodies’ systems, the use of acupuncture to encourage balance can be very effective. Obviously, acupuncture is not a magic bullet; you need to do some work too (Remember those lifestyle changes?).

Combining a healthy diet with regular exercise and traditional Chinese medicine will see you achieve better, faster and more sustainable results. Plus, we feel better for it too.

Wishing you all a year of balance and wellness.

by Sarah Molony