UNBAKED TREATS: HERE we have square ginger and organic nectarine creations, the white salted caramel and white chocolate delicacies, and the rose-petal clad strawberry and white chocolate treats. OS0227-02

OPOTIKI residents have an opportunity to act as taste-testers for a young woman perfecting her raw baking skills.

Back in Opotiki after gaining her Diploma in Cookery in Tauranga, Sylvia Demant-Small is custom-making inexpensive recipes resulting in exquisite-looking and tasting creations.

Everything she “bakes” is raw and uncooked. “The only heat that’s applied to these little treats is when I melt the coconut oil,” she says.

“They are gluten free, dairy free, vegan and there are no refined sugars.”

Using only raw ingredients, Sylvia has recently completed a test run of a new creation, which contains organic nectarines and ginger.

“I’ve also made a salted caramel and white chocolate treat, where the caramel is made out of dates,” she say. There are also strawberry and white chocolate creations.

“You can eat the rose petal on top,” Sylvia says. “I wouldn’t put anything you cannot eat on my baking.”

Having learned raw baking at a Tauranga café where she could use a variety of ingredients for a creation, the raw baker now says she wants to limit the number of ingredients to bring the cost down.

“In Tauranga I could use seven or more ingredients, but here I try to bring it down to around three.”

Her creations are often served chilled, which helps to hold them together.

As she perfects her creations, she has been offering free samples to testers, who will no doubt never be in short supply.