Kiri Allan, Labour list MP

LABOUR list MP Kiri Allan has been confirmed as the Labour Party candidate for the East Coast electorate for the 2020 general election.

As a “child of the East Coast, Ms Allan said she was honoured to have been selected.

Going into election year, Ms Allan said her key priorities for the region remained the same and she was committed to advocating for the needs of the East Coast and increasing investment into areas under invested by the previous government such as housing, apprenticeships, getting people work ready and focusing on mental health and social services.

“My focus is ensuring our region’s rural communities have a strong voice at a central government level and are not forgotten like they were under the previous government. I strongly believe our electorate deserves an MP seen working for and in our community.”

She said the Labour government had invested heavily in infrastructure and key industries to ensure economic and sustainable prosperity.

“We have also been focused on getting our climate change settings right, because coastal communities like ours are the most vulnerable.

“In the short time we have been in government we have started addressing some of the most critical issues our community face but we have a lot more work to do.

“If I was elected as the MP for the East Coast I will endeavour to be a tireless voice for these pressing challenges.”