FIBRE-LAYING contractors make their way to Union Street. OB4833-01

FIBRE continues to roll out across Opotiki, with contractors steadily doing the rounds.

Installation began in August, and contractors have since progressed as far as Woodlands.

Last month, residences receiving the line installation were notified of the coming work, now in full swing.

As work goes on, completion dates around the township range from February to April of next year.

Once complete, homes and businesses will be notified by their internet provider that their property is “fibre ready”.

Users can expect download speeds of about one gigabyte a second, with speeds of up to 10 gigabytes a second in testing stages.

By comparison, Opotiki’s fastest alternative – VDSL – can achieve download speeds of between two and nine megabytes a second.

This network uses copper wires and pulses to send information and has a failure rate of about 12 to 15 faults per 1000 lines.

The new fibre system instead uses light and has a failure rate of six faults per 1000 lines.