YOUNG MAORI ARTIST: Thirteen-year-old Hunter Whaitiri-Terangi, pictured with teacher Matt Brown. Below, Freehand Maori design has been selected for the 29 Squadron Air Cadets new unit shirt in Rotorua.

UP and coming aspiring taa moko artist and carver, Hunter Terangi, received accolades for his logo design last month.

A competition run by the Air Training Corps in Rotoura was open for all designers to submit their entries showcasing and depicting the 29 Squadron’s values. The year eight student took under two hours to draw five designs with nothing but a pad and a pencil.

Otakiri School teacher Poihaere Knight says eight rangatahi entered. “I was told about Hunter’s capabilities in design by his teacher [Matt] Brown at Otakiri School, so I approached him and asked to see his work.

“He was hesitant at first, but eventually showed me his designs that he had been ‘mucking around with’ – those were his words, not mine.

“I was impressed so I asked him if he would consider designing a logo for the 29 unit’s shirt” she says. The competition has been an ongoing project for several years. We wanted the design to reflect the squadron’s values.

“It became a project of mine to get a unit shirt made for the cadets to use when they are away on course or when we do physical training exercises.

Poihaere says the unaunahi scales used in the design stand out for her. “They can be interpreted as the aerodynamic panels of a plane, which gives a plane speed and agility in the air.

“The Mangopare design depicts courage, strength and determination, the raperape depicts humility and tolerance, while the koru design not only represents a new beginning or hope, it is drawn in such a way, that one can see the importance of support for the cadets as they strive for their goals in both their NZCF lives as well as their secular lives.”

Poihaere says the highlight for her is they are one step closer to having a unit shirt.

“There are still a few processes to go through, but we are closer, thanks to Hunter” she says.