The endless thread

WEAVING: Barbara Johnson takes part in a live demonstration that encouraged public participation.

Every two years Creative Fibre holds an exhibit showcasing the very best fibre craft creations from club members across the Bay of Plenty and this year it was Whakatane’s turn to host.

The Endless Thread Exhibit opened on November 2 in the Whakatane Library’s Sheaff Family Gallery and will run until November 27.

Luise Weber, Whakatane Fibre Crafters group leader and exhibition coordinator, says that they received more than 150 entries across seven categories.

“We had 155 entries and our selector from the Waikato — a quite well known weaver Nynke Piebenga — she selected all of them, because her feeling was she wanted to support all the members and encourage them to exhibit,” Luise says.

“We also have national exhibitions, so she wanted to encourage people to start at the local level, at the regional level, before they get better and exhibit at the national level.”

Although every entry was accepted, not all of them could be exhibited due to limited space in the gallery. To showcase the entirety of the collection, the club held a parallel exhibition for one weekend at the Art House.

For the past few weeks, the public has been invited to view the beautifully-made, award-winning pieces as well as participate in live demonstrations.

“For the demonstrations, we were given money to buy yarn from the Beacon Assist Fund,” Luise says. “And we decided with those things that we mainly knit and crochet on the weekends, that we will assemble them into comfort blankets and donate them for Christmas.”

A raffle will be drawn this Tuesday, November 26, at 1 pm in the library, for a gift basket containing a homespun blanket, cushions, and other high-quality goodies.

Luise says that part of their hope for this exhibit was to get the community interested in and involved with the art of fibre crafting.

Whakatane Fibre Crafters meets every Tuesday at the Art House from 10 am  to 1 pm. As part of the Whakatane Arts Society, members can also participate in the other crafts and arts that are there.

For more information, go to the club’s Facebook page at Whakatane Creative Fibre or email Luise at