BERRY BOYS: Below, Taylor Marshall, Sarah Hohapata and Finn Muncaster with real berry ice cream at the fortnightly Edgecumbe Farmers Market. D9135-94

NEARLY all stalls at last weekend’s launch of the Edgecumbe Farmers Market were sold out by 11am.

The new fortnightly farmers market was held outside the Rangitaiki Cosmopolitan Club and it was a huge success with more than 15 stalls selling the best of natural products, from recyclable wraps for your lunch to tasty Turkish meals.

Market founder Maria King says the initiative is a way to bring the rural community together.

“I thought it would be an uplifting thing and I know it will benefit the people here,” she says. “It’s a way to get the people of Edgecumbe involved.”

“Raili Sutton is passionate about natural products. She sells wax wraps, a reusable fabric wrapped in bees’ wax for the kids’ lunches.

“She also sells natural cleaning products that are enviro-friendly.

“We also have mums at the market selling ice cream. They have young families and they’re out there doing it,” she says.

There are two free stalls available for any groups and organisations who would like to hold fundraisers.

“A free barbecue has also been supplied by the Red Cross for the community to use. The scouts used it at the first market,” she says.

The next market will be held on November 10 from 8am to midday and, from then on, every second Saturday. Expect stalls for local vegetable and fruit growers. Crafters will also have an opportunity four times a year to sell their products in conjunction with the market.

“The best thing was there were so many people out laughing and talking with each other and it’s really good for everybody.”

“I’ve had nothing but good comments. The best thing about it was the people were interacting and having a laugh, “it gives them a little bit of specialness.”