VARIOUS STYLES: Honey Te Moni works on some of her art pieces.Photos suppled

ART students from Te Wananga o Aotearoa in Opotiki will be putting a year’s worth of hard work on display at the Opotiki Arts Society Hall in King Street next month.

Students from two level 4 classes in visual arts and weaving will be showcasing what they have learned over the year. The exhibition, set to open from 10am on November 8 with an introduction, will run from 10am to 4pm on the Saturday as well.

The visual arts class is spearheaded by Michelle Lee in the Maori and Indigenous Art certificate.

“It’s a whole series of really individualised work, from a range of students, both visual arts and weaving,” Michelle says. “We’re looking at probably 30 artists with work in the exhibition.”

As a learning adviser in level 4 Maori and indigenous art, Michelle says those aspects were present in the students’ art, alongside their own personal flair. “They’ve all done very individual stuff, based on some intense learning in the beginning and carrying that through to their own interests in the end.

“I think it’s going to be really cool, they’re all quite different so I think there will definitely be something for everyone.”

She says although the focus of the exhibition is not on selling students’ works, it is up to the students if they wish to sell any pieces. She recommends viewers register an interest in any artworks that catch their attention, and the artist may be willing to sell.

She also encouraged the community to attend the upcoming exhibition and keep an eye out for a keepsake.

“And, if you would like to take home a little bit of Maori awesomeness you might like to purchase something from the sales table, take part in the raffle for a kete te ao hou, pikau and kete whakairo or commission a piece.”