GARDEN FANTASTIC: Margaret Fenton’s Edgecumbe garden is a fantasy world of Wild West gold towns, space stations, dinosaurs and other strange creatures. D7819-03/22/24

THE organiser of this year’s Whakatane District Garden Competition, Dianne Yeoman, says this year’s entries were outstanding.

“Judging was not an easy task,” Dianne says. Having 22 categories meant that all gardeners could pick three classes to enter.

This year judges decided to make an exception and give a special award to a very unique garden, that of Margaret Fenton in rural Edgecumbe. “This garden stood out like no other.

Margaret is a very talented woman. Not only has she created this incredible fantasy garden, she is also an aeroplane and helicopter pilot. Margaret also won first prize for the most imaginative and photogenic garden.

The best overall garden prize went to Leonie and Dave Sheaff and best rural garden went to Yvonne and Ray Lambert, whose story of their garden’s recovery from the Edgecumbe flood in 2017 was featured in the Eastern Bay Life last year.

Dianne says there are too many wonderful gardens to mention all of them, “but one thing I do know – everybody loves their garden”.

“The prizegiving evening was a great success. I couldn’t give everybody a first prize but I was able to make sure that every garden entry walked away with a spot prize and a smile.

The two top prizes of supreme country garden and supreme town garden are always the most sought after. This year’s awards went to Linley and Bruce Brownless from Awakaponga for the supreme country garden and Glennis and Dennis Paterson from Matata for the supreme town garden.

Eastern Bay Life will be visiting these gardens to bring our readers photo spreads of the two supreme winners in upcoming weeks.

Pride Whakatane Garden Competition results:

Class 1– pre-school garden, 1st Coastlands Pre-school, 2nd Galatea Playcentre; Class 2 – junior garden, 1st Ameila MacKenzie, 2nd Rosie Floyd, 3rd Asia Floyd; Class 3 – school garden, 1st Allandale School, 2nd Trident High School, 3rd Apanui School; Class 4 – retired couple, 1st Gail and John Anderson, 2nd Phillipa Crocker, 3rd Edith and Bob Atmore; Class 5 – one-income family, 1st Lynne Cook, 2nd Lyn Kickey, 3rd Tracy Watson; Class 6 – garden of a working couple, 1st Leonie and Don Burr, 2nd Dot and Jeff Bosher, 3rd Carlene Bell; Class 7 best use of NZ natives, 1st Wendy Montrose and Ross Dredger, 2nd Tania Mischefski, 3rd Rae Taylor; Class 8 business garden, 1st Mary Shapley Retirement Village, 2nd Whitehouse Café, 3rd Miria and Taroi Black; Class 9 – solo person, 1st Bob and Eve “Peloha Cottage”, 2nd Carol Gee, 3rd Elsie Tunncliffe; Class 10 – new garden under two years, 1st Allandale School, 2nd Julie Collins, 3rd Apanui School; Class 11 – vege and edible garden, 1st Bronco McIntosh, 2nd Gaelene and John Retter, 3rd Bishop Rua; Class 12 – best street, Muriwai Drive, Whakatane; Class 13 – view from road, 1st Gaye Murphy, 2nd Bob and Eve Peloha Cottage, 3rd Lynne Cook; Class 14 – most imaginative and photogenic, 1st Margaret Fenton, 2nd Karen and David Murray, 3rd Phillipa Crocker; Class 15 – Strictly potty garden containers, 1st Rae Taylor, 2nd Carlene Bell, 3rd Karen and David Murray; Class 16 – Alfresco dining, 1st Leonie and Don Burr, 2nd Yvonne and Ray Lambert, 3rd Tania Mischefski; Class 17 – courtyard patio garden, 1st Rachel and Grant Hughes, 2nd Joy and John Horsburgh, 3rd Joan and Roger Peck; Class 18 – town garden, 1st Glennis and Dennis Paterson, 2nd Leonie and Don Burr, 3rd Rachel and Grant Hughes; Class 19 – rural garden, 1st Yvonne and Ray Lambert, 2nd Dot and Jeff Bosher, 3rd Karen and David Murray; Class 20 overall garden Leonie and Dave Sheaff; Class 21 – most prestigious, Linley and Bruce Brownless; Special prize for most potted plants ever seen in a garden, Elsie Tunncliffe; Class 22 – shop window, Presentables; Class 23 – special award unique garden, Margaret Fenton.
Supreme awards: Best town garden, Glennis and Dennis Paterson; best country garden, Linley and Bruce Brownless.