ARCTIC BLAST: Jeremy Renner plays Swifty the arctic fox in Arctic Justice.

Arctic Justice

  • Family animation; Cert G; 1hr 32mins
  • Starring: James Franco, Jeremy Renner, Alec Baldwin, Anjelica Huston, Michael Madsen, Heidi Klum, John Cleese and Omar Sy
  • Director: Aaron Woodley

CONSIDERING the amount of star power in this animated adventure’s voice acting cast, Arctic Justice is something of a disappointment.

From an adult’s point of view, that is. I’m sure the target audience of younger movie-goers will care less that the plot is formulaic, the animation second rate and characters cliched.
Canadian director Aaron Woodley also takes writing credits for this effort about an Arctic fox called Swifty (Jeremy Renner).

Swifty has a lowly job in the mail room of Arctic Blast Delivery Service, but his dream is to pull the sleds that deliver the packages.

However, while attempting to achieve his ambition he stumbles upon a nefarious plan to melt the ice caps.

John Cleese does a fabulous evil walrus, while Alec Baldwin is Swifty’s friend PB (for polar bear) and James Franco is brainless albatross Lemmy.

Heidi Klum plays love interest Jade Fox, a tough and brainy engineer as seems to be a requirement for female love interests these days.

Highlights of the film are conspiracy theorist otters Leopold and Bertha, played by Omar Sy and Klum in a secondary role.

Angelica Huston is the scariest character of all, as always, Swifty’s boss, a Russian accented caribou.

With lots of toilet humour, action, cute, furry characters, and PC messages, this has everything your under-eights will love in a movie.

It doesn’t have a lot to offer any adults accompanying them, however, who may have become accustomed to the more sophisticated offerings from Disney, Pixar, Illumination and Dreamworks.