FOUNDER: Vic Tamati is founder of Safe man Safe Family. Photos supplied

A PROGRAMME aimed at overcoming domestic violence is coming to Whakatane next Friday.

Safe Man Safe Family is a network of more than 50 “safe men and women”, people who have turned away from violence, trying to end the cycle of domestic violence by healing the people who are the most broken – the perpetrators.

The programme is run on the understanding that most violent abusers have also been victims themselves.

IT’S NOT OK: Phil Paikea is one of the key facilitators who will be speaking on Friday night.

Organisation founder Vic Tamati is one of two men who will be speaking at the Knox Presbyterian Church on November 1.

Vic grew up in a home where violence was presented as a kind of love, where it was lierally a part of everyday life. After breaking free of the cycle of violence, he was compelled to do something to help men like himself save their families from the legacy of intergenerational violence. In 2019, Vic was recognised in the New Zealand Honours List for his services to violence protection.

Phil Paikea ran away from a violent home at 15. Alcohol, drugs and gangs became his comfort and family until he one day realised that he would lose his partner if he continued on that path.

A youth worker, White Ribbon rider, national champion for the It’s Not Ok campaign, Phil has been happily married for 41 years.

Safe Man Safe Family programme and its sister programme, Safe Woman Safe Family are being brought to Whakatane by the Have a Heart Foundation and Family Works.