VOLUNTEERS Erica Tingcombe and Julie West man the stall over Thursday afternoon, with Sandy TeKira giving a donation. OB4819-01

OPOTIKI Rotary did its part in the battle against polio on Thursday, assisted by community donations.

In recognition of World Polio Day last week, club members set up a stall at Opotiki New World, offering to paint pinkie fingernails for a donation.

Volunteer Erica Tingcombe explained this was because when children abroad were given the polio vaccine, they had their pinkie fingers marked purple.

“The people on the frontline doing the vaccinations do it so they know who has been done,” she said.

The stall ran throughout the day from 10am.

Some people even withdrew cash at the checkout and then donated as they left.

According to the website endpolio.org, humanity is the closest to eradicating polio that it has ever been.

Since 1962, there have been seven cases of polio in New Zealand.

Worldwide figures in 1988 sat at an estimated 350,000, falling to 407 reported cases in 2013.