MITSI, Evo and Lancer were just about to get towed behind a McDonald’s van to Tauranga, OSCA administrator Kathleen Young said. Photo Sven Carlsson OS0150-01

THREE kittens in the boot of a wrecked Mitsubishi Lancer that was being towed behind a McDonald’s van were lucky the driver checked in the boot before he drove off.

Opotiki Society for the Care of Animals administrator Kathleen Young said the man had just bought the wrecked car and was about to start driving towards Tauranga on Thursday afternoon when he opened the boot.

“To his surprise, three little kittens popped their heads up,” she said.

Mrs Young said the kittens were tentatively called Mitsi, Evo and Lancer.

“If you owned a red Mitsubishi Lancer, a cat that has had kittens and want to reunite mum with kittens, please call down to OSCA,” she said.

COMMUNITY support and animal welfare funding has enabled OSCA to build three pens at their premises, OSCA administrator Kathleen Young said. OS0150-02

“They are eating okay on their own accord, so will do well, but it would be ideal to have them returned to mum.”

In other kitten news, OSCA recently received $3000 worth of funding that will be used to offer good discounts for the de-sexing of cats.

“We got funding from the Christchurch-based Crawshaw-Milligan animal welfare trust,” Mrs Young said.

“OSCA has housed 63 cats since December 15 last year and have facilitated the de-sexing of 60 cats with the aid of the vet.”

Mrs Young said the construction of three permanent pens in the OSCA building had recently been completed.

“They were built with funding from the Opotiki Lions Club,” she said.

The pens will be used for cats and kittens, but could potentially house a small puppy for a short time.

“We would like to thank the community for all the support given,” Mrs Young said.