STUDENT Irene Carmichael and tutor Michelle Lee are working on a design that will adorn “whatI”, a rock used during the burglary of the Maori Arts course premises. Photo Sven Carlsson OS0152-01

TE WANANGA o Aotearoa Maori Arts course tutor Michelle Lee says she and her students are pressing on after their premises were burgled.

“We are leasing these premises as an additional classroom space and we’ve been here since March this year,” she said.

“We were just getting the classroom feeling right.”

The burglary of the room in Moody Place was discovered on the morning of Monday September 30.

Most of the things taken during the burglary belonged to the students.

A large TV, a laptop computer, an iPad mini and a new, in-the-box drawing tablet were stolen.

“The items were belonging to the students, who had brought them to the classroom to contribute in a communal fashion,” Ms Lee said.

“This really has changed the feeling of the place – it makes you feel edgy.”

The group has worked on getting to terms with the burglary by having sharing sessions about how they feel, as well as a saying a karakia.

“Now we are pressing on,” Ms Lee said.

A large rock that was thrown through a window during the burglary is about to be turned into an artwork.

Student Irene Carmichael said the rock was tentatively named “whati”.

“That means broken, but we’re not broken,” she said.