TANYA Batt entertains younger audience members as Mary Bumby, with some audience participation by Mike Collins. Photo Meg Collins

BY now, you will have heard about Opotiki District Council’s decision to move forward with building Te Tahuhu o Te Rangi on the old library site.

Once built, we’ll have plenty of room to spread out, but until then in our temporary location in the old ANZ building, space is at a premium. So we have come up with an innovative and practical solution.

You may have seen staff popping in and out of a shipping container behind the library.

Thanks to shelving donated by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, we’ve been able to pack in plenty of books until their new home is ready.

What’s been happening

Legendary storyteller, author, and performer, Tanya Batt, entertained, educated, and sung her way through Mary Bumby’s Hive of Story.

LIBRARIANS Ilmars Gravis and Jo Hunt can hardly contain their excitement at the books finding a home in this shipping container. Photo Abby Tozer BOPRC

This fantastic performance at the Opotiki Heritage Arts Society Hall brought to life the story of pioneer settler Mary Bumby, one of New Zealand’s earliest beekeepers. It was a much appreciated opportunity to learn about the honey bee (Apis mellifera) and its connection with humanity through the millennia.

The Kugels entertained with a great night of “klezmer” music, in our continuing series of Arts on Tour events.

Audience members were entranced by this unique style of Eastern European folk-music with its roots in centuries old Jewish culture.

Mournful ballads and upbeat dance pieces were performed alongside several folk songs performed by Kapiti coast soprano Anna Gawn.

We heard her performance described as ‘sensational’, ‘mesmerising’ and ‘out of this world’.

It was certainly a real treat for all of us.

With only two more events to go this year we are already lining up some fantastic performers for next year. Make sure you are liking and following our facebook page to keep up with the latest news and events.

It’s all about the books

WE love sharing our staff picks with you and this week we would like to introduce a regular review or recommendation from our library friends.

Of course we respect the diverse views of our library friends, but of course those views are all their own and do not necessarily reflect views of council and library staff.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change Marc Morano Review by Mike Collins, available for loan at the library.

We have all met Climate Change Deniers (CNDs) railing against global climate warming as a conspiracy, alongside flat earthers, creationists and moon landing deniers.

The one thing that these people have in common is selective interpretation and denial of scientifically proven facts and data.

This book does the cause of climate change activists a service by collecting together the opinions of known CNDs, and expounding their beliefs. Thus those of us who respect peer reviewed reports of the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) see a red flag when these people are quoted by other CNDs.

A main failing of this book is selectively quoting many of its sources, implying support of this conspiracy theory, when in fact they are not.

For example, eminent Princeton University scientist, Freeman Dyson, is “cited” for his denial of human induced climate change. However, Wikipedia states “Dyson agrees that anthropogenic climate change exists and that one of its main causes is the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere resulting from the burning of fossil fuels.”

Dyson does point out that CO2 undeniably speeds up plant growth, which may be of benefit in the context of a stable climate. However, against a backdrop of rising sea-levels, ocean acidification, and catastrophic collapse of ecosystems and food webs, increase in plant growth will be of little benefit to society as a whole.

Dyson uses “global warming” interchangeably with “global anthropogenic climate change” so can hardly be recommended as denying the validity of climate change. In fact, his main argument is current political efforts should rate it a lower priority than other global problems.

So read this book for entertainment value but not as a reliable source of arguments against the reality of global warming.