WHILE another batch of containers is shredded, operations adviser Isabella Macintyre shows an illustration outlining the four stages of the recycling process. OB4810-01

OPOTIKI has rid itself of more than 550 kilograms of recyclable plastics, thanks to the Agrecovery mobile team.

From a base at Farmlands yesterday, the team received Agrecovery market containers for various chemicals used in farming and horticulture.

Once triple-rinsed, these containers could be dropped off and shredded for free, provided they had an Agrecovery logo.

On top of that, attendees were treated to a sausage sizzle before heading off.
Operations adviser Isabella Macintyre said most containers collected on the day had been from kiwifruit spraying.

While there is a permanent drop-off station located at Apex Orchard Services on St John Street for container sizes up to 60 litres, the mobile team can take containers of up to 200 litres.

With 95 sites nationwide, Ms Macintyre said there was one shredding truck in the South Island as well for similar collection events.

“Last year, we collected 437 tonnes of plastic,” she said.

The year before, the organisation collected 308 tonnes, comprising more than 3000 common ag-chem, animal health and dairy hygiene product containers sold in New Zealand.

Ms Macintyre explained four stages of the recycling process. The containers were shredded, taken to Auckland and turned into small plastic pellets, which had a range of uses.

Predominantly, she said the pellets were used to make underground cable cover.

Agrecovery operates as a non-profit organisation, working with chemical brands that contribute to the cost of recycling the containers.

Ms Macintyre said this showed brands taking on “product stewardship”.

“The brands are taking responsibility for their products,” she said.
Ms Macintyre said the team would be heading to Katikati today, and Farmlands in Tauranga on Friday.

“We usually run these events on an annual basis, so I’m pretty sure we’ll be back next year,” she said.