HAPPY BIRTHDAY BREE: Ten-year-old Bree, pictured here with her puppy Tess, will use her birthday money to save towards a new BMX bike.

AN article in Wednesday’s Beacon has provided a 10-year-old girl with access to a belated birthday gift from England.

When a happy birthday card addressed to a Bree Watene was delivered to a Natana Place home recently, the occupants had no idea who she might be.

That could be because Bree recently celebrated her 10th birthday, in Tauranga, where she has lived her entire short life.

Mum, Clare Watene, hadn’t lived on Natana Place since 2007, when she was known by her maiden name, Clare Russell.

AUNT AND UNCLE: Aunty Joan and Uncle Phil got their wires crossed when trying to wish their niece Bree a Happy Birthday in July. Photos supplied

Aunty Joan and Uncle Phil are in their 70s and have in fact visited the family at their Tauranga home before, so Mrs Watene is confused as to why the English relatives have their wires crossed.

The current residents of the property were keen to pass on the birthday message that Bree’s Aunty Joan and Uncle Phil were thinking of her, and Mrs Watene said her daughter was absolutely stunned when she heard the good news.

“She is really excited, she was a bit confused when she found out, but then I told her it was from Aunty Joan and an Uncle Phil and she said ‘I bet you it has money in it, they always send me 10 pounds’,” Mrs Watene said.

Young Bree was correct, the card had a crisp 10-pound note inside.

Bree will be reunited with her birthday card and since she is saving for a BMX, the money will go towards the new bike.

John Newton, the man who brought the card in, said it was amazing that it all worked out in the end and that half the street felt as though they have a new goddaughter.