RECYCLING bins issued to Opotiki residents remain as chattels at the address they were consigned to.

OPOTIKI’S new recycling bins belong with the property, not the person.

Potts & Hodgson director Ian Peterson is sharing the information, having received a clarification on the ownership from the Opotiki District Council.

Ownership of the bins and crates had been creating an issue on the sale of properties and the ends of tenancies and Mr Peterson said he had been asking agents to treat them as “chattels” that stayed with the property.

Knowing that the council had required a register be made recording the issue of the bins, he sought to clarify whether the bin numbers were a reference to identify bin issues or whether there was an ongoing proprietary claim over them by the council.

Council engineering and services group manager Ari Erickson confirmed the council had no ownership claim over the bins and crates and they were owned by the property owners.

“The numbers on the bins and crates are allocated to the properties. This allows council to identify stolen bins and crates and determine if a property is setting out more refuse and recycling than is allowed.”

He said if owners or renters did take the bins and crates with them when they left a property, the new owners might have to acquire new bins.
Any new bins would be issued with the same number but an additional letter and, if the

original bin or crate with the original number was set out at another property around town it would not be picked up.

For simplicity, the council is asking that bins and crates remain with the property as chattels.