Eastern Bay data use expected to soar


THE rapid growth of broadband data use shows no sign of slowing, and with Rugby World Cup a matter of weeks away, it is expected to soar even further as Eastern Bay households stream their favourite sport.

The average Eastern Bay home used 262GB of data in July on the Chorus network compared to 179GB a year earlier, showing a 46 percent increase.

Nationally, the average New Zealand home used about 277GB of broadband data in July.

On August 1, the Chorus network also experienced its largest data surge, coinciding with the latest update to the online video game Fortnite. Data peaked at 2.18Tbps, which is equivalent to 60,000 additional Netflix streams.

Network strategy manager Kurt Rodgers said the fact the network could comfortably handle a data surge such as the one generated by Fortnite was testament to its resilience and capacity, important factors as Kiwis prepared to stream the highly anticipated tournament.

“Confidence that your internet will be up and stay up is really important for New Zealanders who are looking forward to streaming Rugby World Cup.

“That’s why we have made sure our network is ready and has the capacity and resilience to be there during the games,” Mr Rodgers says.

Chorus is encouraging consumers to ensure they’re on the best broadband available to them in advance of the games. Currently its fibre installation tracker shows fewer than 9000 households can be connected between now and when the tournament kicks off on September 20.

“The great thing about fibre is it means that rugby fans can watch the games while others in the house can stream TV, video chat, do their online shopping or banking with nobody in the household slowing down.”

While fibre is the superior form of broadband technology, for areas where it’s not yet available VDSL on the copper network provides a fast and reliable service for consumers to stream the games.

“If VDSL is available at your address, we may be able to upgrade you without a technician visiting your place. VDSL is a great alternative where fibre isn’t an option now or in the future,” Mr Rodgers says.

Breakdown of data use by Whakatane and Opotiki.

District        July 2019      July 2018       % increase

Whakatane      279GB             195GB               43%

Opotiki            244GB             163GB               50%