POLICE have issued a warning to beware of phone scammers.

Senior sergeant Mark van der Kley said police had received reports of a phone scammer gaining access to people’s bank accounts and withdrawing money.

Mr van der Kley said the scammer would ring up victims claiming to be from Microsoft and ask to deposit money into the victim’s bank account to check security.

After obtaining the victim’s bank account details the scammer does deposit money in, but then overnight withdraws a large sum.

Mr van der Kley said it was likely the offenders are based overseas so the chances of people getting their money back was very unlikely.

These types of scams are called “cold call scams” and often can seem very legitimate.

Even though the scammer is likely based overseas, the phone number may appear as local.
Scammers who call may also know specific details about you which they can find through public and stolen data sources. They may also attempt to appear local by making friendly conversation on local events or weather.

It is important to remember that big companies such as Microsoft and Apple and Government departments will very rarely call out of the blue and are usually only in touch if contacted first.

If in doubt, hang up and call the company back using the official helpline number, not the number the scammer called from.