COMING HOME: Oliver Thompson, a top New Zealand multisport and adventure race athlete, is expected home in days after a rapid recovery in China where was placed in an induced coma after collapsing in a race. Photos supplied

OLIVER Thompson has made an astounding recovery and could be home this weekend
The sporting and Eastern Bay community has rallied behind the family of the top New Zealand multisporter who was placed in an induced coma in China after collapsing with dehydration and heatstroke on the first day of a three-day race almost two weeks ago.

Eighteen-year-old Oliver was part of a team of New Zealand multisport athletes competing in the China International Mountain Quest, held in the Wulong district, southeast of Chongqing, a major city in southwest China. The race involves kayaking, rafting, mountain biking, running, abseiling and swimming.

Oliver spent the first four days in an induced coma at Wulong District Hospital after he collapsed last Monday. He was woken from his coma and last Thursday night flown to a hospital in Hong Kong where he was kept in intensive care. He also suffered complications, including two lung infections and had to be placed on dialysis twice. His dad Ian has been with him since last Wednesday.

His mum, Solange Thompson, said yesterday Mr Thompson was making travel arrangements and they were hoping he could be home this weekend.

“The last I heard they were coming home at the weekend. I heard from Ian that they are arranging flights, but it is possibly dependent on all the protests, so it may be a couple of days yet,” said Mrs Thompson.

“But medically he has been allowed to come home, not to another hospital, actually to recover slowly at home.”

She said he would not be allowed to drive for a while.

“Doctors are happy, they have done X-rays [of his lungs] to make sure that is all good and they have been doing his blood tests regularly.

“We are so happy. Our family cannot wait to see him.”

She said she would wait to see how well he was and how much further recovery he would need.

“I am thinking he will have a few hiccups still so he will probably be under some sort of special care here but I don’t know who yet so we will probably be making some trips to Tauranga, but that is all good.

“It is definitely a far cry from where it was to start with. It was very scary and very close, and I feel like he knows it.”

Mrs Thompson said her son had posted on his Instagram: “I am so lucky I have been given another chance.”

She said the community support had been amazing and overwhelming.