ASHBROOK School principal Richard Mitai and his students said their farewells on Friday afternoon. Photo Sven Carlsson OS0114-02

ASHBROOK School principal Richard Mitai said farewell to his students at a ceremony held at the school on Friday afternoon.

Board of trustees’ chairwoman Maude Maxwell said Mr Mitai had recently let the board know he was resigning having served as a teacher, deputy principal and principal of the school.

Wayne Gribble of New Zealand Education Consultants Limited has acted as a limited statutory manager at the school since the start of the year.

“Richard has made the decision to resign as principal, effective from October 13 this year,” Mr Gribble said.

“At the same time, he’s said ‘it’s been a tough run at the school and I am struggling at this in terms of my own health’.”

Mr Mitai asked to take sick leave, which Mr Gribble said he was supportive of.

He shared news of his departure with the community in a newsletter last Thursday.

In it he said leading schools was a complex and demanding role that required a high degree of energy.

“I have always tried to meet the expectations of the demands, but more recently I have reflected on my role and I believe the time is right for me to resign as principal,” he said.

“This will give me time to focus more on myself as I consider what the next steps are in my career and it provides an opportunity for the new leader of the school to take the school forward.”

Mr Mitai said he had been tumuaki of the school since 2014 and had endeavoured to lead the school to the best of his ability.

In the statement, he thanked students, staff and the community for the support given to him.

Mr Gribble said Mr Mitai had put a lot of work into the school and he was now at a place where he wanted to put a bit of time into himself.

“That is how the sick leave came about,” Mr Gribble said. “I have enjoyed working with Mr Mitai and I’ve found him very passionate about the school.”