BEEP BEEP: Freyja Green, button pusher, grins behind the wheel. D8774-063

LITTLE Sprouts Montessori Preschool paid a recent visit to the Whakatane Fire Station on a sunny mid-winter day to learn about fire safety and even push a few buttons.

Head teacher Angela Barker says after months of hearing the sirens and seeing the trucks race by, it was very exciting to make an official visit to the station.

“Children hear the sirens and love rushing to the fence to watch the trucks go by,” says Angela.

“A couple of the kids got really excited pushing the buttons, one student [Freyja Green] even said when we got back to school, ‘I pushed the button, I didn’t mean to but I did’.”

It was a family affair as students’ parents came along to a great turnout and provided a relaxing atmosphere for the kids.

Angela says it wasn’t all fun and games though. Fire safety education was front and centre.

“The fire officers were amazing with the children, taking the time out of their busy days to help educate our children and families,” she says.

“The biggest thing that stuck with us was whether we had a fire evacuation plan at home and how many of us share it with visitors.”

Overall it was an excellent day out for students and family alike.