ISSUES GALORE: Molly Patel (Mindy Kaling and Katherine Newbury (Emma Thompson) set the world of late night television alight in Late Night.

Late Night

  • Comedy; Cert M, contains offensive language and sexual references; 1hr 42mins
  • Starring: Emma Thompson, Mindy Kaling and Amy Ryan
  • Director: Nisha Ganatra

LATE Night writes a love letter to chasing your dreams, not a man, but at times is let down by its earnest and obvious attempt at “wokeness”.

In the comedy, directed by Nisha Ganatra (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Mindy Khaling (The Office) joins the writing staff of Emma Thompson’s late-night talk show Tonight with Katherine Newbury as a “diversity hire”, soon proving her critical co-workers wrong and climbing the ranks to success.

The timely “dramady” proves to be keen on tackling hot-button, political issues. An excellent thing in cinema, however, it seems to overwhelm itself by the plethora of issues it chooses to include; mental health, diversity in the workplace, and generational-cultural differences to name just a few.

Although well meaning, this seems to stifle the potential for the audience to be sucker-punched with a more concise narrative as the transitions between comedy and political commentary can be clunky and preachy at times.

Despite the jumble of “moral of the story” take home titbits, Late Night redeems itself with an excellent screenplay and talented cast to boot, truly making this film a pleasure to watch as the laugh-out-loud moments were aplenty. If you’re keen to see a movie is a must see.