THE Opotiki township and Hukutaia have been affected by a critical failure at the water supply plant, which took place on Saturday.

The failure came in the form of an electrical short circuit in the main computer terminal, which is a constant potential risk.

According to a media release from the Opotiki District Council, the repairs are projected to be complete today at the earliest.

In case of events like this, a contingency line was installed in 2016 along Otara Road to allow water to bypass the water plant and feed directly into town.

Council staff were able to activate the bypass without the need to stop water to town and with minimal pressure loss, however, water was discoloured as a result.

Some users reported their water was a light brown as a result, but the council said this discolouration was harmless and due to turbulence in the water lines.

When water is redirected, air that is trapped in the pipes is released, causing minerals that build up over time to be stirred up.

These minerals are always present in the water and build up on the sides of pipes, and dislodged by the air.

The easiest way to remove the discolouration is to run an outside tap until the water runs clear.

While harmless, the council warned that it could stain laundry, and it was best to run a tap beforehand to check the colour.

Until the repairs are complete, the council advises that further discolouration or loss of pressure could occur.