NON-council-issued bins and incorrect bins were not collected in Tuesday’s run. Photos James Sandbrook OB47558-01, -03

OPOTIKI’S new refuse collection system got off to a bumpy start this week.

Following their delivery to households over the past two weeks, the new refuse and recycling bins made their roadside collection debut on Tuesday with mixed results.

The 45-litre refuse bin, the black tin recycling crate and the grey paper recycling crate were scheduled for collection that day.

However, around Opotiki, residents missed the pick-up because they put out the incorrect coloured bins, put out non-council bins, or put their bins out late.

One Nelson Street household said they were used to the collectors coming past around mid-morning and were caught by surprise when the truck drove past just after 8am.

“It’s going to be a little difficult at first,” they said.

To ensure residents had their recycling and refuse collected, collection crews were deployed for a second run in the afternoon.

A social media post from the council asked that all residents have their containers out by the specified time next week.

With the delivered leaflets specifying that containers needed to be kerbside by 8am, the residents responded that it could be hard for pensioners to get up that early.

They also said they were not a fan of the new wheelie bin, mainly because of the lid feature which seemed “a little flimsy”.

The lid is a solution to
dog strikes, and designed to keep animals out of the household refuse.

A visiting man, who used to live in Opotiki, commented that the new system was better than the one in Wellington, where he now lived.

“It’s one of the better systems I’ve seen,” he said.

He explained that in Wellington, residents had their general waste collected in trash bags which they had to purchase.

For recycling, only glass was collected, while all other materials had to be separated and taken to the recycling plant manually or collected by independent companies.

“It’s definitely a step in the right direction, but I think they could add a few things,” he said.

His main ideas were for lids for the recycling bins, and possibly a later collection deadline.

Feedback on the new system can be given through the council website, the Antenno app, or by emailing