GLIDING ON: Leading Air Cadet Tyler Gibson is ready for takeoff in a glider with instructor Darren Graham in the rear seat. Photo supplied

IT’S not too late to rid yourself of unwanted motor vehicle, truck, tractor or marine batteries and help out Eastern Bay’s air training cadets while you are about it.

This Saturday the cadets of the 35 Squadron Air Training Corps are holding their annual battery drive fundraiser. Parent support committee member Rae Lorimer says this fundraiser contributes significantly to cadets being able to participate in training.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to pilot an aircraft alongside flight instructors from Aerohire flying school. Prior to this piloting experience the cadets are involved in aviation theory classes over three weeks.

“These practical and stimulating sessions included basic navigation, basic flight and an introduction to meteorology. “

Whakatane ATC offers challenging encounters for young men and women that build resilience, leadership, team work and perseverance. Cadets can experience opportunities to pilot gliders as well as powered craft, physical and mental tests on land or water and civic service roles to support charities and the local community.

So if you, or anyone you know has an adventurous spirit and is 13 years and older or at high school, the Air Training Corps is recruiting now.

Contact Bronwyn Hanna 027 7797738 for more information about the NZ Cadet Forces.

If you or your business have any been planning to get rid of old batteries, text 027 209 9699 so cadets can schedule collection.