PLENTY of energy was evident at the start of the 10-year-old boys’ race. OS0072-03

IT was another great cross-country event at that perfect cross-country venue that Opotiki is so blessed to have on Friday.

Early-morning rain clearing to a sunny day, even if there was an invigorating breeze blowing at times, meaning the Opotiki District Cross Country organisers gamble to not postpone worked out well.

Sport Bay of Plenty spokeswoman Exia Edwards said she wanted to thank the Woodlands School, the marshals, and all schools, teachers and parents that attended.

“The EBOP Cross Country will be held on the 18th of June at Woodlands School,” she said.

“The top 10 runners have qualified to attend.”


Opotiki district schools cross-country champion results:

Eight-year-old boys: 1, Rocky Hetaraka, Omarumutu; 2, Kupu-John Amoamo, St Joseph’s; 3, Raukura Amai-Hill, Waioweka; girls: 1, Tahlia Tai, Waioweka; 2, Amitiel Rae, Opotiki Primary; 3, Paige MacDonald, Waiotahe.

Nine-year-old boys: 1, Nikau Gloyn, St Joseph’s; 2, Caleb Cox, Woodlands; 3, Pal Kurei, Opotiki Primary; girls: 1, Samantha Kora, Opotiki Primary; 2, Maia Taikato, St Josephs; 3, Charlotte Anthony, Nukuhou.

10-year-old boys: 1, Ngawai Amoamo, St Joseph’s; 2, Daymion Koroheke, Omarumutu; 3, Raymond Pene, Waioweka; girls: 1, Annie Whioke, Ashbrook; 2, Pare Williams, Waioweka; 3, Samantha Kurei, Woodlands.

11-year-old boys: 1, Daimin Hudson, Opotiki Primary; 2, Uditya Uditya, St Joseph’s; 3, Mac Andrews, St Joseph’s; girls: 1, Alexia Peake, Ashbrook; 2, Jayla Pene, Waioweka; 3, Lyqua Mani, Omarumutu.

12-year-old boys: 1, Henare Stirling, Ashbrook; 2, Alex Wilton, Waiotahe; 3, Tahi Paruru, Waioweka; girls: 1, Zennah Andrew-Maui, Waiotahe; 2, Lasjanne Cogle, Ashbrook; 3, Shayne Aererua, Ashbrook.

Overall points: 1, Ashbrook, 31; 2, St Joseph’s, 26; 3, Waioweka, 25.