Steph Holloway

STEPH Holloway is returning to Whakatane next week to help bring humanity back to communication.

If your communication skills decline when you get busy, and busy is switching off your humanity, her one-day workshop at Reap House on June 15 may be able to help.

A body language and communication expert, Steph lived in the Eastern Bay for many years before packing up her life – which fits into a car – and taking to the road.

She is now based out of Queenstown but travels nationally and internationally helping people become better communicators. Her goal is to heal, inspire and educate – and she believes that it usually happens in that order.

Steph works toward gaining people freedom from worn out ideas and attitudes, and the constraint of their communication patterns.

Using simple-to-remember techniques and triggers that create shortcuts through the ego and to the sub-conscious, she raises awareness about what you bring to the table in your communication style, and how that is working for you – or not.

Unique teaching methods, humour and storytelling all feature as she helps people create an action plan to get them where they want to be.

Steph believes being busy is switching off people’s communication and, in a small group setting, she works with people to provide instantly relevant, applicable and usable skills to help them become compassionately assertive.

After figuring out what humanity in communication means, and what switches off your humanity, she will teach participants her three simple laws of communication:

Law #1 – You are a creator – you reap what you sow in communication
You create your own reality with every thought and action. You manifest what you deserve in your physical body, as a direct result of your actions in life and at work. The lines on your face. The disease in your body, changes in physiology. Anger for example has a recovery time, it lingers in your body.

Law #2 – Keep the “pings” under control using compassionate assertiveness.
This enables you to live a life you want and choose, protect your boundaries, live in questions instead of statements, judgements, moralisations and opinions. You are not running in APE mode – Assumption, Perception, Ego.

Law #3 – Don’t feed the kitten
If you invite it in, you accept it. If you accept it, you create a new normal and then you have to live with the new normal. You show other people by your actions what you will accept and what you think acceptable communication is.
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