RECORDING ADVENTURE: Gabriele Corsi is in Opotiki on a musical journey. Photo Sven Carlsson OS0079-01

A FLORENTINE travelling in Australia was taken by the many street and bush musicians he came across, and in one fell swoop came up with a strategy that has brought him to Opotiki.

“Travel and music are what I love the most and when I was in Australia I realised I could combine them,” Gabriele Corsi says.

The idea was to record musicians and instruments that he came across, then to produce music around these recordings. But first he had to learn how to produce music.

Gabriele returned to his native Italy and attended a music production course in Milan for eight months from 2017 to 2018. On the course he learned several aspects of music production, including using Ableton software.

“After the course, I worked for another eight months to save up money for the trip,” he says. So far, his recording journey has taken him to Thailand, Malaysia, Jakarta, Bali and now Opotiki.

While in Opotiki, Whakaatu Whanaunga Trust radio station manager Bryan Park has allowed Gabriele to work out of one of the studios at the Elliott Street premises.

“I have recorded ukulele in Opotiki and I have recorded Anavah Boushur,” he says. Gabriele made contact with young Opotiki singer Anavah after advertising for a singer on social media.

“We are working on one song and we’ll possibly do a second song together.”
Gabriele produces techno music for himself, but radio-friendly music for others. Meanwhile, his long-term friend Marco Domina, who is also from Florence, happened to be in Auckland learning English.

A keen photographer and videographer, Marco is now travelling with Gabriele. The pair are travelling to Auckland during the latter part of this week to discuss a musical project with a contact there.

“It’s a big city and we might find street performers to record and take video shots of.”
Gabriele uses a handheld Tascam DR40 for recording in the field. “I love it and I take it with me everywhere,” he says.

He has no detailed plan for the future, other than basing himself in Opotiki for a while as he travels around New Zealand.

“It may be that I go to America, Italy or Germany,” he says. “I’ll be setting up a website at the end of this year, but for now, the work with the recording and producing is an internal process.”