THIS Mother’s Day, although technically my second, is my first with a year of motherhood under my belt. Now with a one-year-old son, I can appreciate the role much more than I did last year with a six-week-old baby.

We have been through many firsts together and I have learned what it means to be a mum. I know I have plenty more years and learning ahead of me.

My own mother, Carlene King, is one of the most important people in my life. She is loving, supportive and always there when I need – just to name a few of her great qualities.

Before I had my own child, I knew this motherhood journey didn’t come with a manual or checklist, but I have a mum. I am the mother I am today, because of her.

Because of her, I have learned about unconditional love. Because of her, I have learned about doing what I have to do for my family and importantly, I have learned that it certainly takes a village to raise a child.

I would not be where I am today without her help and guidance and the many other motherly influences in Rico’s life.

It has been beautiful to realise how supported we are, and I could never give enough thanks to express my gratitude.

MY FIRST MOTHERS DAY: Mums Haylee King, Georgia Hedley Hakiaha and Taryn Gannaway look forward to celebrating many Mother’s Days with their sons Rico, Elijah and Ezra. Photo Troy Baker D8453-23

Just like these ladies, Beacon employee Taryn Gannaway and former employee Georgia Hedley Hakiaha, who fell pregnant around at the same time as I did in 2017.

We went through pregnancy together, grew together, talked about our experiences and what we had bought for our boys. We would chat about what was important to us as mothers and what we hoped for.

After having our boys, we celebrate one and other, ask for advice and share tips and tricks.

Along with the rest of my tribe, these amazing wahine have also played a part in my journey.

My hope as a mother is to raise a kind, knowledgeable and respectful boy. I want to make sure Rico is equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities to make it as an awesome human being.