THE meaning of being a mother is virtually endless, just like the reasons why we love our mums.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, the Beacon and Eastern Bay Life had a $100 Roquette Restaurant and Bar voucher to give away on Facebook.

To go into the draw to win, entrants simply had to comment why they loved their mum. An added photo was a bonus.

There were more than 100 entrants, putting into words the love they had for their mum. Each entry detailed characteristics of motherhood and the thankless and rewarding role mums play.

Though every mum is different, there are a few reasons that rang true in most comments – our mums are strong, caring and supportive.

Whaea Frances an awesome mother, nanny and teacher

THIS winner in our Mother’s Day competition is Ihapera Gear, who put forward her mum Frances Gear-Adlam, also known as Whaea Frances.

Frances, a well- known teacher in Kawerau, is a beautiful person inside and out and always cares for others before herself, her daughter says.

“She’s an amazing mother, nanny and an awesome teacher to a lot of kids for over 15 years.

“I try my best to show how thankful I am for everything she does for me but like most of us, we wish we could give more.

“She is currently working towards being a social worker, she really loves helping kids in need.”

Since Mother’s Day is about honouring and celebrating our mums, here are some of the entries and the special reasons why they are loved – too special not to share.

Huey Rurehe for his mum, Audrey Maihi

“I LOVE my mum because despite her own traumatic upbringing she taught me how to be strong minded, independent, determined, forgiving, resilient, strong, thoughtful, caring, respectful towards others and how to be goal oriented.

She taught me that no matter what life may throw at you that there is always a new day and that you really can teach an old dog new tricks.

The most valuable thing my mum taught me is to look after your health. Follow and live your dreams. You only live once.

This photo (above) is of me and my Mum before her successful surgery for removal of cancer from her breast.

Arohanui ki a koe Mum.

Annette Marr’s love for her mum, Shirley Marr

I LOVE my Mum for all she has done for me and my siblings over the years.

She is 87-years-old and I am one of the siblings looking after her in her home. Love my Mum.

Frances Sisley and her inspiring mum, Meri Sisley

I LOVE my mama and I am so grateful for all she does, not only for me but for everyone surrounding her.

She has a heart of gold and is always helping others out of the kindness of her heart without expecting anything in return.

She is the best nanny to her mokopuna and an amazing mum to my five siblings and I. She is the strongest woman I know. I look up to her and only hope I can be as amazing a mother as she is. She is so beautiful and I’m glad she’s my mum.

Samantha Hunter and mum Alana Hunter

MY mum is the most amazing, loving and caring woman/mother/friend and now that I’m about to have a little bub of my own, I only hope my child looks up to me as I do her.

Nadine Tai talks about her mum

MY mum is a rockstar. Raised my sister and I with no eyesight. Has always been there for us no questions asked.

She has been an inspiration that no matter what life throws at you, you just keep on going. I love her for all that she is, 1000x over.

These comments people posted about their mums were just as heartwarming …

Kelly King: My mum Alice Scott has a heart of gold, she is always putting others before herself and has a caring and giving nature.

Marama Watene-Hancy: I love my mum because she provided us with as many opportunities as she could when we were growing up and also became a 2nd mum to many of our friends. Just a snippet of thousands of amazing things mum did.

Yanina Wester: I love my mother Lorraine for her big kind heart and her marvellous baking and cooking. I love how her door is always open.
Joanne Kryszkiewicz: I love my mum because she is caring and kind.

Misty Mark Roozendaal: I love my mum coz she has the most amazing heart and besides bringing up four kids, she has also been a mum to all family and friends, while suffering from an incurable sickness. Best mum ever.

Jodie Stevenson Tear: Always there to pick me up out of whatever hole I’ve fallen into. Offer words of wisdom, babysit the kids (even though she lives four hours away she travels to help me out) and so much more.
Thanks for being an awesome mum and Nana.

TuiandIan Hanlen: My mother Reno Moosman-Melbourne is the most loving and caring person I know. She is always there for my two siblings and I and our partners and her 12 grandchildren, she’s there to help and support everyone she knows, the most selfless person ever. I would give her the universe if I could.

Nicole McLean: I love my mum because she goes above and beyond for everyone. She is our rock.