WEARING: Emily Holdaway, carrying her sons Ziggy and Jagger, a common practice for her motherhood journey. Photo supplied

YARNS about cloth nappies and period undies are sure to come up at an Awakeri Playcentre event next month, An Evening with Raising Ziggy.

Raising Ziggy, a blog written by mother of two Emily Holdaway, is about the struggles and triumphs of motherhood. More than 25,000 people follow Emily’s Facebook page and, on Instagram, more than 8000.

Event co-organiser Tara Murphy says honest insight into Emily’s life as a mum and her “free-range parenting, Kiwi-style ways”, has made her blog popular.

“She’s connected with parents around New Zealand with her real, uncut journey of the ups and downs of parenthood and given a raw and real view of attachment parenting, what that means as a philosophy and how it translates into reality with a little one. Co-sleeping, cloth nappies, baby wearing and breastfeeding are big topics she hits as well as supporting sustainable and natural New Zealand products and businesses.”

One of her biggest claims to fame is the way she has normalised baby sleep, or lack thereof. Most recently, Emily has been on a mission to end period poverty in New Zealand.

As well as running her blog, she set up two new initiatives. The Raising Ziggy – Cloth Nappy Pay it Forward initiative aims to allow all families to give cloth nappies a go.

Her most recent initiative was The Sustainable Menstruation Fund, which is fighting period poverty.

“There are many people in our communities lacking access to menstrual care products due to financial restraints,” Tara says. “She talks about menstrual cups, period undies and re-usable pads and where people can find help to access these products and use them effectively.”

She says the team at Awakeri Playcentre was excited about bringing the event to the community.

“Whether you are a big fan of Raising Ziggy, in the throes of parenting pre-schoolers yourself and want to know more about babywearing and cloth nappies or have teenage daughters and want to know more about reusable menstrual product options, or just want an interesting night out, there is something for everyone and we would love you to come along.”

An Evening with Emily Holdaway from Raising Ziggy will take place on Saturday, June 8 at 8pm, at the Awakeri Events Centre. Tickets are $40 and include a drink on arrival and supper.

Tickets are available online by contacting the Awakeri Playcentre Facebook page or by calling 07 3048132. For more information about Raising Ziggy, head to www.emalitza.com or search in Facebook.