DIDO Eden takes the floor to tell the attendees of the first Opotiki Extinction Rebellion meeting about the movement. Photos James Sandbrook OB4718-02

OPOTIKI took a stand against climate change last week, with more action to come encouraging clean living in the district.

More than 50 people attended Extinction Rebellion Opotiki’s first meeting, held at the St John’s Union Church hall on Thursday night.

Attendees were given an opportunity to discuss ideas for direct action, as well as hearing from Helen Laurence on the global Extinction Rebellion movement.

“We feel it is time for action,” she said.

“This is our last chance to save the earth.”

Ms Laurence explained that the movement was non-violent resistance to climate change and ecological collapse, with three major goals.

It called for governments to be honest about the current ecological situation, actions to achieve zero carbon emission by 2026 and for groups of the public to be able to democratically influence action around climate change.

Ms Laurence also went over the movement’s 10 core values/rules, which apply to all
groups globally.

“Opotiki can get out and do whatever we want, within reason, as long as we follow these values,” she said.

The next meeting will be held in the same venue on May 23, from 7.30pm, and those interested can contact the Opotiki Extinction Rebellion group through xropotiki@gmail.com or through their Facebook page.

A climate change poem

Yes we treat climate change seriously but seem to act in a slow motion way
There’s some that protest, but are they heard or does it fall on deaf ears in dismay?

Weather is the ultimate climate change
that leaves devastation in its path if awoken

Bouncing from country to country harming the earth and the people that dwell on premises where chaos is spoken

Climate change affects earth in many ways and the ones with greed feed it

Trying to change the ways of climate change to help ease the future for the next generation because they need it.