ATTENDEES gather from across the district and beyond, celebrating mothers across the generations. OB4720-01

OPOTIKI further celebrated its mothers on Friday, with an Empowering Mothers’ lunch held at Peria House.

Organised by Margaret Maui, the day featured food, fun and entertainment for the mothers.

Kicking the day off was a quiz, which attendees tackled with ease, according to Ms Maui.

“There is the possibility of fortnightly quizzes on Wednesday afternoons later on in the year,” she said.

The lunch was also livened up by the ukulele group, the Mommabears, who kept the women entertained over the afternoon.

The lunch itself, described by Ms Maui as “scrum-diddly-uptious”, was followed by mothers sharing their experiences mothering over different generations.
The five spoke on the differences between then and now, calling attention to technology in particular.

Ms Maui went further into detail on this, echoing sentiments on the day;

“Times have certainly changed for the worse.

“Cellphones, TV, computers and the like have taken the place of books, radios and outside play to the detriment of our children’s social skills.

“Health and safety laws have forced our children into cotton wool. Treasures that pollute our environment have taken the place of nappies. Disrespect and disobedience come with lack of discipline,” she said.

Those gathered agreed the old way was, in most cases, the better way.

Esther and Nila shared about the hardship of raising children in Samoa and the Pacific. The sacrifice parents make in leaving their families and coming to New Zealand to work in the orchards. They send most of their money home to their families for school fees and food.”

“New Zealand’s economy is what it is because of our friends from the Pacific and Asia”