MY teaching career began as a fluke. I hadn’t taught before, had no training to teach, never even addressed a group of more than a half dozen. And there I was, in a packed auditorium at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, expounding on a subject of which I had no more than an inkling of understanding.

This was the early 1970s, a time of fashionable interest in matters psychic and spiritual. I’d always believed the mind possessed untapped powers, even before a brief period of experimenting with psychedelics revealed fascinating hidden rooms and vaults in my brain.

A bit of research into mindpower techniques and, backed by a barrel of bravado, I strode into the university one fine day, talked up the need for such a course, exaggerated my particulars and filled out a form, included in which was a long, flowery description of what I called Alpha Mind Control.

I figured maybe a dozen students would sign on, so when the school informed me that enrollment for my class was one of the largest in their 200 year history, I seriously considered applying for work on a merchant steamer headed for Mars.

Tremulously, I entered the assigned auditorium, climbed onto a stool, peered out at a few hundred humans, all of whom unquestionably better versed in the subject matter than the teacher, and prepared for the worst. Miraculously, I winged it. Go figure.

My prime intent was to finish the 10 week course without turning anybody, myself especially, into a newt, following which the chapter entitled university lecturer would forevermore be filed away in the dusty attic of my bizarre personal history.

Curiously, all went smoothly for the first five weeks. Sure, I was faking it, making stuff up as I went along; still, everything appeared to work and no one had yet reported me as a sham.

And then something happened that would change my entire life’s direction and move me to eventually teach Alpha to thousands of people over the next quarter century.

At the onset of this one evening session, a middle-aged woman raised her hand, stood and addressed the class. She told of a friend who, that very morning, had come visiting with her seven-year-old daughter. For reasons unknown, a young thug threw a rock, hitting the daughter in the eye and causing extensive damage.

The girl was currently a patient at the local eye hospital, where the diagnosis was not good. An operation was scheduled for the following morning to remove a blood clot, the kid just might lose sight in the eye, and even if she didn’t, a long stay of convalescence would be necessary to repair the extensive damage.

The woman in my class now addressed me directly. ‘We’ve been hearing about mindpower and doing your guided exercises. Is it possible that our group can perform some sort of absentee healing on this poor child?’

My first thought was, Oh, sh—!

My second thought was, I don’t really buy into this faith healing malarkey. My third thought, gazing out at a few hundred ardent stares pointing like snipers’ scopes my way, was, Uhh, I guess I better do something. And so I set about using my advanced mindpower acumen (aka BS) to concoct a convincing scenario.

I had everybody hold hands and link up the rows. Closed their eyes and had a couple minutes of chanting om. (I’d sat in on enough meditation workshops to get this right.) The idea was to both relax and focus 300 people into what ostensibly is the alpha brainwave state. Whereupon I directed them to picture the seven year old – name supplied by the woman in class – as she was at this very moment in the hospital.

Imagine yourself filled and surrounded by beautiful healing light. This is positive energy, the universe’s most natural resource. Connect your light with the light of the persons on either side of you, then those either side of them, until there is one great mass of super-powerful healing energy in this room.

Now, beam the illuminated force at the girl. Sense the light immediately going to work healing the eye, repairing damage, dissolving the blood clot. Keep at it. Feel her being totally receptive to your efforts. Picture the eye healing itself, and as it does, the girl is feeling better and better, healthy and relaxed and happy about the good you are doing her.

Now imagine her tomorrow morning. She wakes feeling at peace, her eye perfectly healed, no pain or discomfort whatsoever, as though nothing bad had ever happened…’
And so on.

How long did I have them do this? Five minutes? Ten? No idea. But it all felt pretty good, and when finally I asked them to open their eyes and break contact, there was a damn nice feeling in that auditorium.

By the following evening when I entered the room, I had all but forgotten the previous night’s experience. A few minutes along, the woman came dashing into the crowded hall, virtually jogged halfway down the aisle frantically waving her hands. The room hushed. She told this tale, as reported to her by the girl’s mother:

The previous evening, the mother was in the hospital room with her daughter. Just before 8pm (the precise time we were engaged in the healing), the mother felt something “weird” in the room.

Her sedated daughter was fidgeting, eyes rapidly fluttering, and she herself felt so unsettled she had to leave and walk the corridors for several minutes. When she returned, everything felt fine, and the girl was resting peacefully.

Following morning – the mother slept there overnight – a doctor comes in, begins to examine the child’s eye, a curious look on his face. He sprints out of the room, returning with two other doctors, all three hovering around the girl, befuddled.

The mother anxiously demands to know the story. The docs look at her in puzzlement. The blood clot, which they’d said could not be dissolved without an op, is gone. Vanished. The eye has overnight healed to an extent that normally would take weeks. The nonplussed medics claim the girl probably will be discharged in a few days.

As she was relating this tale, gasps and stifled cries were heard in my classroom. People were in tears. Me, I had this goofy grin plastered on my hairy face. Why? Because I was 100 percent convinced this woman was some sort of crackpot, she was making it all up and I was about to have my head neatly positioned on a pike.

Except every word turned out to be true. Several people in the class, including two who identified themselves as physicians, as well reckoning the yarn was a load, contacted the hospital. Their reports at the following evening’s class had a strange effect on me. For sure

I was delighted I would not be adding an orange jumpsuit to my wardrobe. But more, I was, well, blown out.

This stuff actually works!

During the following 25 years, my classes (at the U of P, at the centre I subsequently founded, then a few years later in New Zealand) performed untold healings, mostly absentee. An awful lot were for people with cancer, many diagnosed as terminal. Did we heal them all? Nope. Half? Nope. But far, far, more than the law of averages might dictate, not only cancer but other major maladies as well.

Early-on, I came to realise not everybody was happy with claims of success my students and I were making. These mainly were the super-religious (only a deity is permitted such work) and closed-minded medicals (only they are). So I devised a tagline for whatever positive results appeared to stem from our efforts: ABC – another beautiful coincidence. Henceforth our goal was to make coincidences happen.

Eight years after first stumbling into psychic healing inculcation, I immigrated to this country and began conducting courses, first at a yoga centre near Bethell’s Beach, then at Auckland University. I taught two four-day seminars a year. During the healing sessions, I would always include as subject the one person I have loved most during this lifetime. Her name is Jessie, and when I moved in with her and her mother in the 1980s, she had, at age eight, the worst case of eczema I had ever observed.

Her mum and I took Jessie to myriad sorts of recognised healers – dermatologists, homeopaths, acupuncturists, herbal remedy and ayervedic practitioners — all of whom claimed vast success curing young people of this horrible ailment. Jessie? They tried. They really did. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Which is when I got my two-and-three-hundredfold uni groups involved. We would perform the absentee healing on the Sunday afternoon of my four-day seminar. By Tuesday, Jessie’s skin was smooth and clear as glass.

Gone would be not only the unsightly blemishes and full-body rash, but as well the agonising itching which caused her to constantly scratch and bleed and scab. But freedom from the appalling condition only lasted four to six weeks, at which time the symptoms would gradually reappear. Into her teenage years was this pattern repeated. Now, mid-40s, Jessie leads a happy, healthy life, with only sporadic, light recurrences of eczema.

Not nearly so positive an ending involved my second most-loved person. This was the beautiful Anita, my last partner. When she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 14 years back, I immediately sent out word to a host of former Alpha students around the world, all of whom agreed to undertake daily healings in her behalf. Six months later, aided by her chosen conventional treatment, Anita was declared free and clear of the big C.

She and I lived together for another year until our basic differences eventually precipitated a breakup. We maintained communication early on, and then I heard nothing more until a phone call a year later from her daughter in England. The cancer had returned and, abetted by complications from the horrid chemotherapy she was on, Anita died.

So you see, mindpower healing sometimes works perfectly, sometimes only temporarily, sometimes apparently not at all, and I cannot for the life of me understand how come.

There are instances where the subject appears to be subconsciously blocking the healing energies, but why? So much about the human psyche is beyond current understanding.
But even when mindpower does not appear to have effect, nothing adverse can result through this form of healing. (Although one physician did growl at me: “You’re giving them false hope.”) No wrongly-prescribed medication, no botched operations. No side effects. As well, power of mind in no way interferes with conventional allopathic treatment. The possibility of good resulting from this mode of healing can only grow as the veil of ignorance is lifted and more is learned about the vast potential workings of the mind.

Co-ordinated group healing obviously is more effective than solo endeavour: the more being the merrier. Nonetheless, everyone has the gift, all you need do, I’m convinced, is work at developing it. Practise practise practise.

I no longer teach Alpha Mind Control. However, I have recorded the two most essential guided exercises of the course and uploaded them onto YouTube. Each runs slightly over 30 minutes. Simply by listening to them (the more times, the better), you can create the mind state necessary to effectively perform mindpower healings.

You can actually tune into to these recordings while you sleep. (In fact, they likely will be more effective this way as your conscious mind won’t be blocking with practical doubt.)

Simply type ALPHA BARRY ROSENBERG or CHAKRA BARRY ROSENBERG in the YouTube search bar, download – it’s free — and listen.

Only not while driving or parachuting, okay?

By Barry Rosenburg