SHARING A YARN: Cynthia Butzbach, Patsy Lyford and Shirley Yeoman enjoy a good laugh while they knit. Photos Troy Baker D8474-03

THIRTY knitters gathered at Whakatane’s library and exhibition centre earlier this week for a friendly and free knitting session held in conjunction with the exhibition M’Other.

Exhibition technician Jordan Davey-Emms says they also had a number of young children and their parents who attended the “bookaboo” session in the gallery with Anneke Philps.

“It was really lovely to see so many people in the gallery spending time with each other – including a very helpful group from the Edgecumbe Women’s Institute, and a group from Golden Pond. We were expecting a small gathering, so were blown away by the number of people who came along.’

M/other brings together artworks by 10 contemporary artists from Aotearoa that reflect on diverse experiences of motherhood. M/other will also be presenting an evening with Ngahuia Murphy, on Friday, May 17 at 5.30pm.

Murphy has recently submitted her PhD thesis, titled Te Ahi Tawhito, Te Ahi Tipua, Te Ahi na Mahuika: Reigniting Native Women’s Ceremony and will discuss Te Awa Atua (customary Maori menstruation practice), reactivation of sacred matrilineal knowledge and relationships with the atua waahine.

Her ground-breaking research challenges colonial notions of menstruation and acknowledges it as a medium of whakapapa and connection.