CAM Fowler is a big believer in professionalism and quality service. OB4724-01

ALL things tech-related for home and business, from a new hard drive to professional security camera installation, can be found at Your I.T Company.

Owner Cam Fowler, who moved to Opotiki last year, vowed never to own a store but now runs his business from King Street, providing “anything and everything IT”.

IT, standing for “information technology”, covers computer repairs, setting up servers and more, which Mr Fowler has been doing since September.

“I’ve been busy from day one. I had clients before I even moved here,” he said.

Mr Fowler said when he first arrived in Opotiki, he ran the business from home.

“Eventually I outgrew the house,” he said.

This prompted the move into his King Street store in March, which stocks a variety of technology and acts as a hub for Mr Fowler.

“We do home visits too,” he said.

Patrons can bring their computers for repair to the store and pick up some new parts if necessary, with Mr Fowler trialling cellphone and tablet repairs in the near future.

“I’ve been in IT for 10 years, it was time to branch out on my own. And I want to leave a legacy for my kids,” he said.

Everything has gone well with establishing the business and Mr Fowler attributes the success in part to his faith as a Christian.

“Opotiki’s been good to me,” he said.