SCIENTISTS say that evidence for climate change is now undeniable.

CONCERNED about the world’s climate crisis, and inspired by the massive Extinction Rebellion movement overseas, and a growing movement in Aotearoa, several members of the Opotiki community have taken up the cause.

Keen to ensure Opotiki becomes part of this vibrant and peaceful movement, they are inviting anyone and everyone to join them at the first public meeting for the Opotiki Extinction Rebellion group, being held at 7.30pm at the Presbyterian Church Hall on St John Street.

Extinction Rebellion is a grassroots movement, organised by everyday New Zealanders, and aims to stop climate change and prevent environmental collapse.

It has often been said that the world will need to adopt a World War II-scale effort for climate mobilisation, in order we reach zero emissions by 2025.

“We are running out of time,” said Helen Laurence. “Politicians and corporations are not being effective in preventing this climate crisis that is upon us, therefore our only hope is for everyday citizens to take peaceful action, to stand up, and to be counted.”

Opotiki has a wonderful, diverse, and energetic community with many incredibly talented people and Dido Eden views this as an “opportunity for people to come together and participate in fun, positive and effective actions”.

“Papatuanuku, our Earth Mother is unwell, and it is time for us to come together to restore her mauri.”

Concerned for his children and the world they will be inheriting, and inspired by recent events in Britain, Sam Doogue feels he has to take action.

“I hope the whole community will come together, demonstrating support for political and community leaders prepared to lead transformational change,” he said.

“I look at my children, and wonder what sort of world they will be inheriting from us if we are prepared to stand by and do nothing.”

This issue demands action now, with many scientists describing the environmental catastrophe currently facing the world as “The Sixth Mass Extinction”, said local sciences communicator Ilmars Gravis.

“For the first time in the history of humanity we have the ability to influence the atmosphere and our biosphere on a global scale, with devastating consequences.”

The four are jointly hosting the meeting and invite the community to become part of the movement.

Their aim is to build a sustainable, effective, and long-term campaign in Opotiki, providing a platform for people who may be feeling disempowered and frustrated by the lack of progress on an issue that is not receiving the urgent attention it needs from politicians and corporate leaders.


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